By Tom Stasil


For those who wish to be or have a loved one Clemenized. This section will have examples of past custom work and templates of different professions,hobbies or interests that will render to a unique and personalized painting.

8x10 acrylic on canvas 100.00. Plus shipping 11x14 acrylic on canvas 150.00 plus shipping. An additional 20.00 for all four sides painted and back wired. (This is for those not wishing to frame painting) Painting will be given a final gloss protective coating. Shipping will be determined by size and destination. Note-anything immoral or in bad taste will not be accepted. I will require good quality photographs and information for each individual.( Ex. NY Yankee baseball cap,fishing pole,bowling ball,Gucci pocketbook,etc). Once these are provided and payment is secured please allow 3 weeks for completion and delivery.

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Clemen Lablanc  

The Clemenlord's


The Clemenbach's


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