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About Us

    Clementoms is a collection of all my clementine paintings with humanistic personas. The majority of the paintings consist of three clementines with a hat, facial hair and some type of object for smoking. I recently branched off and started to paint well-known people as clementines. Some I have met and asked them to sign their name, which only adds to the uniqueness of my paintings.

The other added bonus with most of my paintings is a continuation of the image on all four sides of a canvas that is made to be framed. This extra dimension makes it more interesting and allows for the option of not having to frame the piece. A little hint concerning my works on paper, you will find a tiny spider dangling from its web somewhere in the artwork. A mystery that will be revealed in the near future.

I have studied many styles of painting but the one that appeals to me is the one that was created since the creation of painting-glazing. This is most notably found in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt. Although they painted in oils, which displayed a tremendous depth of vibrant color, it took months and even years to complete. I mostly paint in acrylics, which lends to the fast-paced mentality we all are plagued with. Once the subject is drawn on the canvas, I do a series of earth tone washes. Then I work dark to light, just with the earth color (brown) and white. It is as if I am sculpting the subject. Once I am satisfied with that process, I begin to glaze in color. I am able to use acrylics due to the advancement in painting technology, but in my opinion it is harder because of the quick drying time. The blending time is almost seconds compared to hours with oils. Once the painting is done and completely dry, a final UV protective top coat is applied. This not only protects for many years, it also brings out all the richness of the colors just like the paintings of old. I am available for special requests and commissions. Thank You.








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